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¿Y Los Tamales? Wins Comedic Award at United Latino Film Festival

The Honduran Community Develops a Taste for Tamales on the Silver Screen

Cleveland, Ohio – 11 August 2017 – ¿Y Los Tamales? received a 2nd place award for best comedy at the 2nd Annual United Latino Film Festival. The United Latino Film Festival is an annual festival held to showcase the best independent Spanish language and Latino films on an international level. The Latino festival is a sister festival to The Indie Gathering International Film Festival. Producer Monika Tuncbilek was present to have her comedy be honored at the event on August 11th. The film was well received by the independent Latino filmmaking community.

Tuncbilek recently wrapped up marketing efforts for her Honduran theatrical release of ¿Y Los Tamales? The producer created ¿Y Los Tamales? to strengthen and promote the film industry in Honduras. The comedy is the first Honduran film to be included in the San Diego Latino Film Festival. The producer’s cultural and familial roots run deep within Honduras. Sharing a slice of Honduran humor and life is what Tuncbilek wants to achieve in the distribution of her film.

Monika Tuncbilek worked with locally renowned director Thomas Chi in the Honduran cities of El Progreso and San Pedro Sula to finish the film in 2016. Sula Studios is the official production company Tuncbilek started to launch the film. ¿Y Los Tamales? is currently making its rounds within the film festival circuit. It will be screening at The Viva Latino Film Festival in New York City in September. The official trailer and other general information can be found at the film’s website:

Monika Tuncbilek is the owner of, a regional plumbing company in Southern California that was established in San Diego, CA a decade ago.’s success has been a considerable influencing force in Tuncbilek’s filmmaking career. The emerging producer hopes to use her business prowess to make her mark in the independent film industry.


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